Whether you need a beautiful interior window shutter or roller shades for your house windows, taking accurate measurements is paramount. You can always contact us for professional measures and estimate to rule out any possibilities of mistakes. For those who need some guidance for measuring their windows for plantation shutters, here is how to do it.

Collect The Materials

You will need a metal measuring tape, paper, and a pen.

Determine The Window And Mount Type For Your Shutters

The first step is to determine the type of your windows. Take a look at your window and see if it has a recess, sill, or architrave. If your window is sitting inside the wall, the space between the wall and window is called a recess. For such windows, an inside mount is the most appropriate choice. 

Some windows have an additional decorative frame or trim around the window which is called architrave.

If your window has a ledge at the bottom that protrudes out of the wall, determine whether the sill is part of the recess or not.

As you know all of these details, it’s time to decide whether you will be mounting the shutters on the inside or outside.

Outside mounts are installed on the wall surrounding the window whereas inside mount shutters are installed within the window recess. Although both the mounting options look great, one of them fits best for your window type. Insider mounts are preferred because the shutter size is small and thus costs less money.

How To Measure For Inside Mount Shutters?

There should be at least 70 mm of unobstructed clearance on window recess for successful inside mount shutter installation. For a square set of windows, measure the bottom to top – drop- of your window from three different places. Now measure the width of windows at three different places and compare the measurements. Select the smallest of three.

The method remains the same for the windows with an architrave. For a window with a sill, start with the top of the sill and end at the inside of the recess.

How To Measure For Outside Mount Shutters?

If you want outside mount shutters for your window style, here is how to measure them.

Start measuring from the edges of the inside window frame. Take three measurements for both drop and width of the window at three different places. Compare them and select the largest of the three for an outside mount.

If you have a window with an architrave, start and finish at the edges of the architrave so that you are getting a perfectly sized shutter. You will be selecting the largest of the three measurements taken for length and width.

Windows With Mid Rails

It is highly recommended to design your shutters with a mid-rail to match the window. If you are confused with any of the measurements, feel free to contact us and we are ready to help you! Our team of experts is hailed as the best for its exceptional customer care services.

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