Exterior Shades

Extend your “patio season” and enjoy the outdoors, nearly year-round. Whether you are looking for additional shade, privacy or protection from the sun’s heat, Lone Star’s exterior screen systems transform your outdoor life.

The Perfect Addition for Outdoor Living.

Featured Installations

Innovative & Adaptable Channel System

Our channel system for exterior shades means you are no longer required to cut out exisitng structure to fit a shade. The system can be installed on the surface of a column and compensate for any vertical deflection that may exist. 

Using a Z-Lock technology, we ensures there is no gap between the fabric screen and side channels, preventing a blow-out in the wind.

texton exterior screen zip

Configuration Options

exterior channel strap down

Zip Screen

exterior wire strap down

Wire Guide

exterior strap down guide

Straight Drop

exterior roller pivot arm

Pivot Arm

Configuration Options

Nano 70%

twitchell nano Roller Shades


Nano 90%

texton tex white Exterior Roller Shade


tex black Exterior Roller Shades


tex black brown Exterior Roller Shade

Black - Brown

tex brown Exterior Roller Shades


tex desert sand Exterior Roller Shade

Desert Sand

dusk grey Exterior Roller Shade

Dusk Grey

sandstone Exterior Roller Shades


Nano 95%

texton tex white Exterior Roller Shade


charcoal Exterior Roller Shade


tobacco Exterior Roller Shades


granite Exterior Roller Shade


sable Exterior Roller Shade


espresso Exterior Roller Shade

Espresso Texture

shadow texture Exterior Roller Shade

Shadow Texture

stone Exterior Roller Shade

Stone Texture

Metal Color Selections

white color image


brown color image


dark brown color image


grey color image

Woodland Grey

black color image


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